Zombie Caricatures

So you want to be a zombie? No matter what style you’re into there’s sure to be amazed with Zombie Caricature styles here ! This set of inspirational Zombie Caricatures by our awesome Artist Morgan will blow your mind and leave you droolin’ for more. Maybe you’re lookin’ for a comical Zombie Caricature or a Gruesome Zombiefied Caricature or maybe a high quality, high def Zombie Portrait on canvas, no matter what kind of Zombie-fication we have you covered. After you chose the art style for your Zombie Caricature then be sure to explore all the options available: Shirts. Posters, Party invitations. and many others.

People often wonder who’s really running the country. Politicians? Corporations? Bankers? Secret Societies?
Here at Famous Caricatures, our resident caricature artist Morgan has the answer. Zombies!
And in response, Morgan is caricaturizing politicians in their ‘true’ zombie form. He’s drawing zombies all the way from Able Lincoln to Barack Obama! He will be adding a new zombie every week.
We invite you to visit Morgan’s newest caricature gallery, White House Zombies……. if you dare!!