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The level of a caricatures exaggeration can vary wildly from mild to extreme, but there must be some departure from a straight portrait. A straight portrait is not a caricature. With increasing levels of exaggeration the caricatures are more emotionally intense, but less ‘face-like’.  Higher levels of exaggeration you give  a caricature that is more fun and entertaining and less life-like. Milder levels of exaggeration give you a caricature that is a little less wild, but still fun. Milder levels may be more appropriate for weddings, or birth announcements while wilder caricatures may be more entertaining for a bachelor party or a sweet sixteen.

We offer 3 levels of caricaturism , cartoon portrait and a Fat Head Cartoon

Cartoon portrait , Head Shots only

A sexy Colleen Duffy caricature, the Devil Doll

A sexy Colleen Duffy caricature

Fat Head Cartoon is a straight portrait draw like a cartoon with or with out a small body.

Level – 1  Caricatures ( Mild)

Level – 2 Caricatures ( Moderate)

Level – 3  Caricatures ( Insanity)