Digital Caricature

Creating A Digital Caricature Drawing



I create a digital caricature drawing using two applications – Photoshop and Painter. Referring to photos of the subject, I hand draw in pencil and paper and color the caricature using an electronic pen and Wacom.

I work in a resolution of 300DPI and in full color, to insure quality print reproduction. I do the printing, we have a good printer to reproduce the caricature.

The finished digital caricature art can be in one of five formats, according to the customer’s needs – jpg, tif, bmp, pdf or psd. I create web-ready formats (gif or jpg) free of charge, from the large originals.

How To Get Your Caricature

Placing your order is simple:

Use my quote form to get a specific amount for the work you want done.
After agreeing to the quote, make your down payment.
Send me good quality and fairly large photos of the subject(s).
Include good descriptions of poses, background and objects needed.
Review the samples I send you of the in-progress caricatures.
Suggest changes and additions to the caricatures.
Accept a final draft when you are sure the caricatures are right.
Make your balance payment.
I send you the canvas or graphics final print file.